MRV Division


OCSO boat assisting
The Marine Recreational Division (MRV) of the Ontario County Sheriff's Office acts as a supplement to the regular patrol function. Various components of the MRV are marine, snowmobile, and ATV patrols. The division is also responsible for providing support as needed to the Underwater Search and Recovery Team.


The MRV is staffed by part-time members of the OCSO. These staff members are supervised by a road patrol sergeant who is under the command of the duty lieutenant. The MRV operates on a regular basis from June to September, with priority given to the regulation of marine traffic and safety on Canandaigua and Honeoye Lakes. 


Snowmobile Patrol
During the winter months, the members of the MRV respond to complaints involving snowmobiles and investigate and / or assist in the investigation of snowmobile accidents. They may also be called upon to assist a patrol officer, fire department, or EMS agency with access to a person in need of assistance should the person be in an area that is not accessible by conventional vehicles.

ATV Patrol

When they are not on the lake or on the snow, the members of the MRV may be patrolling on All Terrain Vehicles. These vehicles are used for many purposes, such as assisting in search and rescue operations, investigating hunting complaints, and regulating the activities of ATV traffic.