Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education And Counseling:

Adequate nutrition and physical activity is of the utmost importance as we age in order to maintain our health and quality of life. It can make an enormous difference in disease control for the heart, blood pressure, stroke, dementia, blood sugar; and for healing and maintaining functional abilty as we age. Many older Americans are not eating well. Those who live alone may find cooking too much trouble. Some may have difficulty getting to the grocery store. Others simply cannot afford to buy the kinds of food that could keep them healthy.

Nutrition Education:

The Office for the Aging meals are designed to meet one third of your daily nutritional requirements for good health. In addition to meals, we offer nutrition education. This education provides up to date information about healthy lifestyles and balanced eating. A registered dietician conducts presentations every other month at the Office for the Aging Community Dining sites and provides printed materials to all those receiving home delivered meals.

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Nutrition Counseling:

The Office for the Aging offers nutrition counseling to adults age 60 or older. A registered dietician provides individualized guidance to those who are at nutritional risk because of their health or dietary intake, chronic illness or medication use. The dietician will come to your home to offer guidance on meal planning. Call the Office for the Aging at (585) 396-4040 or (315) 781-1321 to request a referral for nutrition counseling.