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Buckle Up! The Sex Drive is Back!

Parents, your kids are learning about sex. Let it be from You.

Year 2 begins March 3, 2017. The Sex Drive initiative encourages parents to take advantage of teachable moments in the car to talk to kids about puberty, relationships, romance and sex. Tune into Finger Lakes Radio through May to hear down to earth suggestions about how to get the conversation started. Look for us on Facebook @flxshc and Twitter at FLXSexualHealth or #SexDrive17.Check out the Rules of the Road, before getting started.
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The Sex Drive Week #4, March 25-April 1
Using Time in the Car to Talk to Your Kids about Sex 

This week talk to your kids about the importance of consent.

Ask your 8-9 year old, “Is it ok for someone to touch your body when you don’t want them to?” “What should you do if you want to hug a friend and they tell you ‘no’?” “How would you tell someone ‘no’ when they want to touch you and you don’t want them to?” 

Ask your teen, “How do people who are dating know when it’s okay to hug or kiss?” “Do boyfriends/girlfriends have certain rights when it comes to the other person’s body?” “Are there times when you have to allow someone to touch you even though you don’t want them to?” “How can you tell when someone doesn’t want to be touched?”

Ask your older adolescent, “How do you tell someone ‘no’ when they want to be intimate and you don’t?” “Once you’ve said yes to something, can you change your mind?” “If someone tells you ‘no’ but you think they’re kidding, what should you do?” “If you saw someone else being touched against their will, how might you respond?”

Consent is a hot topic and it’s important for children to understand the concept long before they encounter sexual situations. Helping kids recognize they have power in relationships regarding intimacy will protect them and give them confidence as they navigate adolescence and young adulthood. Equally important (for boys and girls) is that consent goes both ways. They need the consent of their partner before and during intimate situations. If you have an older adolescent, heading off to college make sure he/she is familiar with the college’s policy on consent.

Watch the video at with your teen or older adolescent. It is a comical analogy that makes understanding consent simple! 

Come on parents get the conversation started. Your kids are learning about sex. Let it be from you. 

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