Impaired Driving Program (formally "Drinking Driver Program")

Ontario County Impaired Driver Program- Information and Class Sites

About the Impaired Driver Program The Impaired Driver Program (IDP) is part of New York State’s effort to lessen the incidence of injury, disability, and fatality that results from alcohol and other drug related motor vehicle crashes, thereby reducing the risk of re-offense for an impaired driving offense.
  • you committed the alcohol or drug-related violation while operating a commercial motor vehicle

  • Drops, Re-sentencing and Re-entry

    You will be dropped from the IDP and lose your conditional license if you

    • do not attend class, any required evaluation or treatment, or
    • do not otherwise satisfactorily participate in the program, or
    • do not pay the program fees
    If you are dropped from the IDP, you must obtain consent from the IDP director before re-entering. A re-entry fee of $50 is required, payable to the IDP. Drops reported to the DMV will result in the revocation of your conditional license/driving privilege. Participants can only be re-issued a conditional license one time.

    At the time of sentencing, the court may issue you a conditional discharge (CD) that requires IDP completion. The DMV will notify the court if you do not enroll in the program, or are dropped from it. The court then may call you in for re-sentencing.

    Program Fees

    When you enroll in the Impaired Driver Program you must pay the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) a nonrefundable fee of $75. Additional fees may apply. Cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards or money orders (made payable to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”) are acceptable.

    After enrollment, you also must pay a fee directly to the program that will conduct your IDP classes. The maximum IDP enrollment fee is $225, payable to the program you attend. Payment is expected when you attend the first class.  NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  CHECK, CERTIFIED CHECK OR CREDIT CARD ONLY.  There will be additional fees if you transfer to another IDP or apply to re-enter a program you have been dropped from.

    During the IDP course, you may be referred to a NYS OASAS approved treatment provider for formal evaluation and, if necessary, treatment. If formal evaluation or treatment is needed, you will have to pay additional fees to the agency that provides those services.


    Participation in the Impaired Driver Program is available on a voluntary basis if you have been convicted of an alcohol or drug related driving violation, unless you have participated in the program within the last 5 years, or have been convicted of another alcohol or drug violation within 5 years of the current alcohol or drug violation. However, these limitations do not restrict the ability of the court to mandate participation, even if you have already attended a Impaired Driver Program (previously called Drinking Driver Program) within the previous 5 years. In such situations, participation will be required, yet you will not be eligible for a conditional license or privilege.

    If you have recently been convicted of a DWI/DWAI and have been told you can take an Impaired Driver Program (often referred to as "IDP"), Ontario County offers four classes- two evening classes and two Saturday morning classes.

    Wednesday evenings- Newark High School
    Thursday evenings- Finger Lakes Community College- Canandaigua campus
    Saturday morning- Finger Lakes Community College- Newark campus
    Saturday morning- Finger Lakes Community College- Canandaigua campus

    Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles for more information and to sign up!