Information for Restaurant Owners and Managers

Advertising Billboard for We Choose Health Ontario Roll Out 2014

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Restaurant Owners and Managers

Are you interested in joining We Choose Health Ontario? It's easy, it's free, and its not too late! We are in the process of enrolling new restaurants this Summer (2015).

Benefits of Participation

For You-In addition to receiving initiative materials, after ten more restaurants come on board, the Ontario County Health Collaborative will include the name of your business in a press release and on billboards and in newspaper ads. Additionally, many of your customers will appreciate having healthy options available and knowing you are concerned about the health of your community.

For Your Community - Many people in Ontario and surrounding counties suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. These chronic diseases take a heavy toll on our families, community, and healthcare system. We Choose Health Ontario seeks to raise awareness among your customers that small dietary changes can have a significant impact on their health and that it is possible to make healthy choices when eating outside of the home. Check out the sample materials below and call 585-396-4343 when you are ready to set up a short meeting with a representative from the Ontario County Health Collaborative.

Letter of Introduction
Explanation of the initiative
Initiative Flyer
Directions and list of healthy measures from which to choose
Window Cling
Image of initiative logo as it appears on window cling
Table Cards
Image of table cards provided to participating restaurants
Dietitian Notes
Advice from Registered Dietitians
Seasoning with Herbs and Spices
Fact sheet about salt-free seasoning

Last updated 7/7/15
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