Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock

Effective 10/01/14, STOP-DWI will become the monitoring agency for any individual convicted (on 10/01/14 or thereafter) of DWI (1192.2, 1192.2-a (a), and 1192.3) and sentenced to a Conditional Discharge with Ignition Interlock.

The following documents will be available at sentencing:

Instructions for Offenders with Vehicles

Instructions for Offenders without a Vehicle

Questions and Answers Brochure

IID Vehicle Waiver Letter

IID Vehicle Waiver

For individuals with vehicles, the following Interlock companies are available:

  • Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. (Intoxalock) (877) 777-5020
     with locations in Canandaigua, Rochester and Waterloo                   Intoxalock website
  • 1 A Smart Start, Inc. (800) 880-3394
      with locations in Canandaigua and Waterloo                                  Smart Start, Inc. website
  • Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc.  (800) 332-6858

        with locations in Rochester                                                            Draeger, Inc.  website
        ALCOLOCK, NY, Inc.   (800) 969-3212

                                                                                                                ALCOLOCKNY website
What do I do once my Ignition Interlock period is over?

Once your mandated period of Ignition Interlock has expired, please contact the STOP-DWI office at 585-396-4308 or stopdwi@co.ontario.ny.us. Forms will be mailed to you that must be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to have the Ignition Interlock restriction removed from your license. YOU CANNOT DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE WITHOUT AN IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE UNTIL THE RESTRICTION IS REMOVED!!!