Our Projects

Take a moment to review the diverse projects we have assisted over the past several years. Not only have we helped private sector businesses achieve their goals, we are also proud to support the good work of many nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in Ontario County.

Current and Previous Scorecards:
2015 Scorecard (PDF)
2014 Scorecard (PDF)
2013 Scorecard (PDF)
2012 Scorecard (PDF)
2011 Scorecard (PDF)
2010 Scorecard (PDF)
2009 Scorecard (PDF)
2008 Scorecard (PDF)
2007 Scorecard (PDF)
2006 Scorecard (PDF)
2005 Scorecard (PDF)
2004 Scorecard (PDF)
2003 Scorecard (PDF)
2002 Scorecard (PDF)
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